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September 17 – 23rd 2018

Committee Descriptions

Volunteer Committee Descriptions

Admissions/Will Call Assist with checking for proper admission credentials. Hand out pairing sheets at all entrance gates, and provide general information to spectators. Assist with distribution of credentials that have been ordered in advance or left for pickup for future rounds.
Announcers Introduce players to the crowd as they begin play at either #1 tee or #10 tee during both the Pro-Am and competition rounds. Strong public speaking skills and appropriate voice/inflection required. Available shifts range from 6:30am-2:30pm Wednesday-Sunday.
Caddies/Practice Area Assist with Professional Caddie registration and caddie services throughout tournament week.  Provide gallery control of the practice areas and to regulate access to and from all practice facilities for the contestants and tournament officials. Shuttle caddies to and from caddie parking. Available shifts range from 5:30am-7pm Monday-Sunday.
Commissary Distribute non-alcoholic beverages and coolers on course and to appropriate committees. Committee requires lifting of products (ice, beverages and coolers). Available shifts range from 5:30am-7pm Monday-Sunday.
Facilities Assist in the installation of scoreboards and video display boards, player fencing, and other various projects as necessary. Stake and rope the course and all auxiliary areas as required with the objective of maximizing spectator viewing. Work with PGA TOUR Director of Security and Rules Officials as necessary to ensure player safety. Available shifts range from 5:30am-7pm Monday-Sunday.
Corporate Hospitality Be present in Corporate Hospitality venues throughout tournament rounds to ensure clients are receiving a true VIP experience. Act as liaison between corporate clients and tournament staff while enjoying the comfort of the hospitality environment. Available shifts range from 6:30am-7pm Thursday-Sunday.
Course Ecology Assist in placing and picking up ecology cans and bags in various locations on course. As well as coordinating volunteer groups to ensure that the course and spectator viewing areas are free of trash. . Available shifts range from 5:30am-7pm Monday-Sunday.
Golf Channel Assist Golf Channel in tournament operations and productions.
Marshals Provide gallery control for the Championship. Assigned to a specific hole for the week.
Parking Operate and control proper access and flow to all parking areas located in the Tour Championship parking lots.
Scoring Central Record and transmit scores from on course. Work with PGA TOUR Staff and Rules to ensure all scores are correct.
Standard Bearers Accompany each group of players during play and display their scores in relation to par on a cumulative basis. Standard Bearers must be able to carry the standard (weight approximately 5 to 7 pounds) for the length of the course. Must be at least 12 years old or have strong knowledge of golf etiquette.
Walking Scorers  Record the scores and statistics of play on a Cellular Device during competitive rounds.

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